Dießen am Ammersee

Ammersee: a beautiful holiday destination in every season

Ferienwohnung Karlotta Diessen Wandern

Every season in the Bavarian Alpine Foreland has its own charm and something to offer for all types of holiday-makers. Whether you are looking for outdoor sporting activities during the warm spring and summer months, or simply some rest and relaxation at the lakeside or on beautiful walks through the countryside, the possibilities are endless at Ammersee. Dießen is a designated Luftkurort, which means it is a resort town with a particularly salubrious climate and air quality. It is located directly at Ammersee approximately 40 km from Munich. In Dießen, you will discover public beaches for bathing, beer gardens, biking and hiking trails, as well as art and culture all virtually at your doorstep. Ammersee also has a special flair in winter when you are unlikely to meet another soul on the numerous hiking trails and can enjoy stunning views of the snow-covered Alps at every turn.

Ferienwohnung Karlotta Diessen TöpfermarktExperience art and culture

Dießen has been known for its handicrafts since the Middle Ages, and the town’s pottery market continues this tradition to this day. Every year, approximately 160 potters from all across Europe present their handcrafted wares alongside the lake during the Ascension Day holiday. This beautiful region is home to many artists and photographers, whose art can be found here in small shops and galleries. The well-known pottery market is scheduled to take place this year from 25-28 May 2017.

Ferienwohnung Karlotta Diessen MarienkircheTradition and history

You can also step back in time to relive a piece of history by enjoying a boat ride on one of the liners or the nostalgic paddle steamer from 1908. The Marienmünster, which is Dießen’s famous baroque church, is worth a visit and testifies to the long history of this market town. No matter what you have planned, we are certain that you will have a wonderful holiday with us filled with an exciting array of different sights and experiences.

Relax by becoming one with nature

Take some time out for yourself and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Enjoy the natural lakeside beauty of Ammersee, relax and indulge in artistic and cultural delights between Munich and Landsberg am Lech. Click through our small picture gallery and let the images whet your appetite for your holiday in the Bavarian Alpine Foreland.